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A bedroom DJ owns equipment or DJ software however prefers to play at home rather than playing to an audience. There are two reasons why someone would be a bedroom DJ. 1 they are new to DJing and being at home they can play comfortably to themself and practise at home. 2 they have no interest in playing to an audience and just love the art of DJing.

This post will only be addressing the new DJ who is currently a Bedroom DJ as they start.

When starting to DJ you are more than likely going to be starting off at home as a bedroom DJ. During this stage, new DJs will be learning the fundamentals of DJing. This will involve mastering their song selection, beatmatching, phrasing and most importantly enjoying themselves.

How to be a Bedroom DJ?

The easiest way to become a Bedroom DJ is to start! When looking at other DJs it’s hard to imagine how to get to that stage. This could be a famous Radio DJ, Club DJs or a DJ that makes their own tracks. But one thing to remember is every DJ had to start somewhere.

To get started you will need music, a way of mixing it and your good to go.
The equipment of a bedroom DJ can vary from the top end club equipment which you might see on youtube, or it can be a laptop using DJ software, which is a much more affordable way to start.


For Starter DJs, I would suggest getting one of the free DJ software such as Virtual DJ to practice. With DJ software in practice mode, you do not need any equipment and can use just your music and Laptop/Computer keyboard to mix songs together. This minimal equipment will give any new DJ the ability to get comfortable with the software, understand beat matching and get to grips with phrasing.

Once you are comfortable with the basics you can invest in a controller to get used to using hardware to make your mixes. A DJ Controller will allow the user to access all the functionality in the software with buttons and knobs, this is a good step as you will using either a controller or DJ Decks when playing at a venue to an audience.

There are other accessories to think about when Djing at home, once you have a controller you can look into good DJ headphones and you will want to look into Bedroom Monitor speakers to play your mixes.

Are you a new DJ? Share your story of why and how you started to DJ.

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