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BIG News from Mixcloud! Mixcloud has pushed their live streaming feature for DJs to now be available for Mixcloud pro users. Mixcloud has always been on the side of DJs. Making their platform work with copyright laws to ensure DJ mixes are not removed.

They have now taken a big step with introducing a new live streaming element to compete with the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The challenge for DJs with these platforms is the copyright issue. Infringing copyright can result in the stream being stopped, muted or deleted.  

Due to social distancing, Mixcloud has pushed the live streaming feature up into beta, which is allowing their users to stream on Mixcloud.

Royalties are paid to the labels through licencing. this will allow DJs to stream on the platform without any worries of copyright infringement and no worries of your mix being blocked. 

Here is a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of Mixcloud Live

Mixcloud Live Advantages;

  • No copyright infringement – Because Mixcloud pays for royalties there are no worries about mixes being taken down. 
  • Customisable interface with OSB – Using OBS you can set you up multiple screens, Logo overlays and more. 
  • Followers able to join a live session by following a link and do not have to sign in.  

Disadvantages of Mixcloud Live;

  • Beta release – It is out to the public but is not in its final release stage. With a beta release, you may find performance issues and bugs but these will be ironed over time. 
  • Only available with streaming software – Instagram and Facebook where you can click a button and go live with your phone. Mixcloud will require you to set up through software such as OBS. Therefore maybe a learning curve for some. 


Finally, a streaming platform that is built and available to all DJs, in spite that it may take a little bit longer to set up than other social platforms. The benefits of playing a set without the risk of your stream cutting out mid-set are well worth it.

If you would like more information make sure to check the link below.

Have you given Mixcloud live a try yet? how did you find it? 

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