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In April, pioneer released Rekordbox DJ 6, bringing major updates and features to the popular DJ Software. There are no major changes to GUI but Poinneer have included some great new features that will please their customer base and might bring in some new users. In this post, we will take a look at the 5 new features with an overview of each. 

5. Auto Relocate

The new auto relocates feature can be found when looking at the missing tracks list. this feature will allow Rekordbox to search a predetermined folder for all music that is not currently in the software. Previously what was a very manual task can now be done in bulk with a click of a button. 

4. 3 Band Wave Form

Pioneer has released a new waveform that gives a better representation of the music. The blue colour will show you the low frequency, orange will show mids and white is the high end. The new waveform will easier to read what is going on in the track than the previous one. Version 6.01 has been released adding Vocal Position Detection, which highlights the vocals in the waves.

3. Inflyte Integration

Inflyte is a Professional Promo Platform. Promo services are a great way to hear and download new music first. Inflyte is now the only servers to be integrated with DJ software and Rekord box integrates it well. The promo locker within Rekord will track all music that has been rated on the site. within the promo locker, you will see the tracks you liked in a release and also the comments you left. version 6.01 has been released adding Beatsource LINK plus access to the charts and playlists.

2. Cloud Library Sync

The biggest of the new features. Cloud Library Sync allows you to store your library on the cloud and access them on multiple devices. Perfect for migrating to a new machine. Great for tour DJs with multiple machines and excellent for backing up a database of music. 

1. Performance mode is now free

With the release of Rekord box 6, pioneer has dumped the licence key and gone with a subscription payment method. there are three different packages 1. Free 2. Core and 3. Creative. The free version will now include performance mode, which previously was only available with a paid version of the software. 

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