Algoriddim has just smashed through the ceiling, Algoriddim Music Separation is pushing the limits on DJs creativity. The DJ world will never be the same again!

Algoriddim’s Djay Pro

Algoriddim's Music Separation Neural Mix on the new Ipad
Algoriddim’s Music SeparationAlgoriddim’s Music SeparationAlgoriddim’s Music Separation

The Djay Pro creator Algoriddim have been in the DJ software game for a while. Usually overlooked by the likes of Serato and Rekordbox . Djay made a mark by being the most accessible DJ Software by focusing on mobile devices as well as laptop computers. Djay Pro 2 is available on Windows and Mac while Djay Pro AI is available on mobile devices. With the release of their new feature “Neural Mix” we can only expect their user base to grow.

Music Separation Neural Mix

DJ’s had spent many hours making DIY acapella or Looping part of the track to get an instrumental and to make creative mixes. Thanks to Algorriddim that process can now be a thing of the past and made as easy as pressing a button. By using the power of the new bionic chip that is available in the new iPad, Agorriddim has made an exciting new Music Separation feature called Neural Mix, only available in Djay AI.

Neural Mix can process the music to isolate either the beat, harmony or vocal of any track in real-time. BY removing the vocals you can have an instant instrumental. likewise, remove the beat and harmony and have an Accapella to mix straight away.

Check out the walkthrough from Alogriddim below.

This is a big revolution for the DJ sceane! DJs will now be able to bring unlimited creativity to a set when using Djay Pro AI.

Check out the review by Crossfader below

What do you think of Neural Mix? Will you be using Djay pro-AI?

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