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IntroInstagram Vs Zoom

With bars and clubs shut down during the pandemic, DJs and promoters have turned to online platforms. There are two main ways to host an online party and both are different from each other. 

The first way is open to the public or anyone that follows you. This is where a DJ will go live on a social media platform. These can include platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and anyone can watch the stream. The second way is using an invite-only video conference platform. Such platforms like Zoom or Skype, where the host can set up a room and invite attendees. 

In this post, we are going to look at the two most popular Apps. One from each category where Djs have chosen to-do live sets on.

What is Instagram?

Instagram Feed

Instagram is the main choice as most DJs will have an Instagram account which they use for their promotion and engagement. It is not surprising that Djs have chosen Instagram as their main social media platform choice. Instagram promotes easy photo and video sharing and allows comments on post.

Instagram live allows the use of a phone’s camera and microphone to share to an audience live. Allowing instant engagement with followers. This allows a quick and easy way for DJs to play a set for their audience with minimal setup. 

DJs on Instagram

Dj D-Nice Instagram Live

When going live via Instagram, your profile is put in front of all stories at the top of the feed page and accommodated with a glowing ring to alert followers that you are now live. Followers will also get a push notification from Instagram stating you are now live. 

When you are live your phone’s camera and microphone can be used to record your set. Followers can type within the chat room which is visible to you and anyone else currently viewing your stream. You also can add one person to your stream, they will be able to be seen by all viewers. 

There are limitations of going live via Instagram, firstly there is the 1-hour time limit before the stream cuts off. Secondly, there is a music copyright issue for DJs. If a song is recognised on your stream, it will either not be able to be saved or the stream will be cut off.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Meeting
Video Call Facetime Chatting Communication Concept

Zoom gained vast popularity at the start of the shutdown, as more people started working from home. Compared to its competitors such as Skype or Google meetings, Zoom gained more users. The app allows users to join a video conference using their phone, tablet or computer. They can share video, audio, present a screen and type via a chat feature. While there is a free version of Zoom, you can buy packages which allow more time (free is 45 minutes) and allow more people (free allows up to 100). 

A room ID is needed and a password can be set up, only invited participants will be able to join the session. Each participant will have their window for the video, picture or can be left blank. When in a session all users can see the main screen and can see all other participant screens as well. 

The host user can set rules such as muting, pinning users profiles to the main screen and have the ability to kick users out. They have additional privileges such as choosing another user to be the host and ending the meeting altogether. 

DJs On Zoom

Family Zoom Party

Promoters and DJs have started to use zoom to host private parties such as birthdays and other events. This is done by the Dj Playing music into their device or via an audio line into a computer. Participants can listen on their side. As users can add audio, it is possible to have a DJ and an MC do a set together over Zoom. 

Promoters have found a way to monetise on-line Zoom parties. By having users buy tickets to get the ID and password for the event. However, This is still a new concept. Promoters and DJs are still in conversation about payment for this kind of service. There is currently no music recognition in Zoom, therefor the copyright is currently not affecting any Zoom meetings. However, this may change in the future. 

The limitations of using Zoom, firstly there is no way to permanently mute all participants. This can result in unwanted talk over a DJ set from any user. Secondly, the free version is very limited and will not fill the needs for what promoters are looking for. Therefor, a paid subscription is needed. 

Check out the post “Top 3 ways to get Audio into your live Sets” for more information

Have you done or joined an online party? Which Platform did you use? 

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