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Big news coming from DJ City, however, we need to wait to find out what it is. 

DJ City is an international known DJ Pool, which supplies new music in various genres. Dj City has gained great success in being a very popular DJ pool. The genres range from House, Hip-Hop and Reggaeton, they also offer Remixes and Dj Edits. 

On Sunday, 7 June 2020, DJ City posted their logo with a loading bar underneath on their Instagram. The caption read 

“We have some big news that you’re not going to want to miss. Our team at #DJcity has been working on something really special and we’re almost ready to share it with you all. More information will be available this week. Stay tuned!” 

The last big news we got from DJ City was back in October 2019, when they announced a joint venture with the online music store BeatPort. The two entities produce Beatsource.

Beatsource is a streaming platform with DJ’s in mind, which also establish Beatsource link. Beatsource link which is in beta, can be integrated into Rekordbox, djay Pro, and Virtual DJ. This will allow DJs to play tracks from Beatsource link via streaming rather than the music being downloaded onto their computer. 

We are expecting to hear the news this week from DJ City. Join us right here at The DJ Guide to find out what it is. 

Do you use a DJ Pool? let us know in the comments which ones?

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