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What is a Bar DJ? Most bars today will usually allow for a DJ to play music, usually Friday/Saturday nights. You may wonder what diffracts a bar DJ from Club DJ? let’s take a look…

What makes a Bar DJ?

A Bar DJ is defined as a DJ that plays in bar venues to a live audience. The difference between a bar and club DJ is that bars tend to be open earlier and in some case stay open just as long as clubs. Since there is a longer playtime, a bar DJ will approach a set differently from a club DJ.

Bars are different up and down the country. For example, you may get places that are known places for groups to start their night. Some are more lounge places with background music. While some are the venues people go to after their first venue. For a Bar DJ it is important to know your venue also knowing the crowd that you are playing to.

In bars you will get a different contrast of crowd while playing, the night may start slowly and then get busier or you might have a busy start and have to try and keep your crowd.

Crowed Bar

Bar DJ Vs Club DJ

This is different from a club crowd as bars will get punters that will drift and out of the venue at different times and you will get a turn over of people throughout the night. Whereas a club will usually be the main venue for the night and the crowd is more likely to stay.

Another aspect of the bar DJ is taking request and the ability to be open format. Clubs tend to promote one or a couple of genres when they are having a night. Bars tend to have the DJ play a mixture of music throughout the night. A Bar DJ is more likely to get song request in a gig, as there is a mix of people who want to hear music that they like.

Bar DJ using a controller vs a Club DJ using Professional DJ Kit

How to become A Bar or Lounge DJ?

Becoming A Bar or Lounge DJ will take some work as a manager is not going to just hire anyone that comes up to them, it will take networking.

If there is a place you want to play, introduce yourself and get to know the staff and manager. Become a customer at the venue, make friends with the bar staff and DJ. At some point maybe there might be room for you to play an hour set with him to show your ability, which then could lead into you covering if he is unable to play one night.

Another way is to join an agency, this would involve you demonstrating your Dj skills to show you can play. But if selected it will open the possibilities of playing at different venues.

Empty Bar
What genres do you play as a DJ? would you class yourself as an open format DJ?

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