Top 5 Features in Virtual DJ

What Is Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is the most known DJ Software in the world. Started over 20 years and downloaded by more than 121,000,000 people.

Virtual Dj started getting popular at the hight of the CDJs ere. DJs switched from carrying around vinyl and had more comfort with CDs. As more DJs started to learn about Virtual DJ, it was not received well within the Club DJ Community.

Virtual Dj stayed right to there their users and built upon the platform. Religiously adding new features, UI designs and allowing new integrations to give the best functionality possible. In this post, we will look at the Top 5 features that are in VirtualDJ 2021.

Top 5 Features In Virtual DJ

5) Remote control

Virtual DJ offers a wireless remote control app with android or iOS. It will be able to work on Wi-Fi or an Internet connection. With this feature, Djs can trigger pads and it can be used as a full-scale controller.

VIrtual Dj - Remote Feature

4) Ask The DJ

As most DJs will tell you, taking requests can be the most irritating part of any DJ gig. But imagine being able to receive song requests, like receiving a message on your phone while playing. Virtual DJ offers a feature called Ask the DJ. This is a free web-based application that any audience members can use on their phones. Users can go online to the web-app, the app will find the DJ with geolocation detection, and users can request songs without having to go up to the DJ booth at all.

3) Live Feed Recommends

Ever been in a situation where a request has been asked, and the crowd loves it. However, you have no idea what to play next? Live feedback analyses the truck for a few seconds after it has been played in the master deck. A track will be displayed at the bottom of the file list, this is based on what other DJs have played after that track.

2) Different Skin Layouts

When first loading virtual DJ, THe default skin is the starter layout. This shows minimal functions in the software in terms of the pads and effects. However, keep the view spacious and straightforward for new starters. This is where virtual DJ differs from other DJ software. In the dropdown list, there is the ability to change the view based on different skins. Other skins include “Essential”, “Pro” and “performance”. All given the users’ extra choices of different effects and functions.

1) Stem Isolation

the top feature virtual DJ is the new stem isolation feature. This new feature gives the ability to move different parts of the music, for example, the vocal, instruments, base, kick or high hat. All components can be removed from the track with a click of a button. This new feature will allow for remixes and mash-up to be done by DJs on the fly.

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